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Environmental Analysis of Dell Organization

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As NES improves the lighting in a given location, it is often done in concert with other facility improvements. Many of our customers now request that NES crews include Patching and Painting services in their Remodel and Rollout programs. When the project complexity grows to a full Rebranding effort, NES can support all related improvements, including lighting re-design, carpentry, re-fixturing, merchandising and more.

Electrical and Control Upgrades

NES can perform electrical upgrades to meet the changing demands of the retail environment, including programs associated with cooler additions, additional electronic merchandisedisplays, POS systems and more. NES also has the experience to manage and install energy management systems for retailers.

Fixturing and Merchandising Upgrades

Many retail store refresh programs include changes to the store's fixture and merchandising plan. NES can perform this work and integrate it with the other scope typically encountered when stores are upgraded. Having one contractor handle more of the scope can reduce the confusion and disconnects often encountered when too many different contractors are engaged in one endeavor

As a result of our customers' needs to work with fewer partners that can deliver more solutions, NES has developed a wide range of flexible Retrofit, Remodel and Rollout program types, including:

Lighting Retrofits and Upgrades

A store's lighting system is often overlooked as a resource to deliver Sustainable Value-Added results. Upgrading a traditional lighting system to one utilizing the latest technology can deliver significant benefits and generate attractive returns on investment (ROI). Implementing a lighting system that uses less energy, requires less maintenance and improves lighting quality, not only lowers total operating costs but also positively impacts


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