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Environmental Analysis (swot)

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Environmental Analysis (SWOT)

A SWOT analysis was carried out as part of the study for the marketing plan in identifying the inherent strengths, weaknesses in the development of Fraser's Hill. In addition, this section will also identify the observed opportunities and anticipated threats after and during our visit to Fraser's Hill. The table 1.0 has tabulated the strengths and weaknesses of Fraser's Hill:-

STRENGTHS - Housing the oldest colonial bungalows

- Premier location for bird watching

- Perfect destination for day trip

- Natural Landscape

- Abundant flora and wildlife

- Cool mountainside air

- Easy accessibility

- Various outdoor activities offering

- 9-hole golf course available

WEAKNESSES - Most undeveloped hill station

- Narrow uphill road

- Lack of nightlife

- Competitors at the surrounding area

- Lack of souvenir retail shops

- Limited recreational facilities

- Limited F&B options

- Lack of promotional activities

Table 1.0 Strengths and weaknesses of Fraser's Hill

Fraser's Hill is not just a hill resort found in Malaysia; it has the distinction of housing the oldest colonial bungalows in Malaysia. For instance, the Ye Olde Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant which evokes the charm of the English country home ambience and architecture. With the advantage of cool mountainside air, it is an ideal getaway from the heat of the city. Fraser's Hill is certainly a paradise for naturalist, hiker, flower lover and bird watcher. The flower nursery houses numerous species of local blooming flowers and plants. The natural landscape environment plays an important role as the major attraction of Fraser's Hill, as well as abundant flora and wildlife. Besides that, Fraser's Hill is also a heaven for bird watching with over 270 species of local and migratory birds grouping together there. It has long been a top international destination for bird watching. Each year, the Malaysian Nature Society in collaboration with the Fraser's Hill Development Corporation organizes the International Bird Race which is the eagerly-awaited event for birders and bird enthusiasts from all over the world. This bird watching competition requires the watchers to race against time in spotting as many bird


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