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Human Resources

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Human resource are an important resource to an organisation as technological resource are limited. Therefore, human resource management is essential so as to manage and conduct employees effectively in order to help the organization achieve competitive advantage.

Human resource management also plays an important role in identifying human resource problems in a firm and providing solution to the farm. Apart from that, it is able to influence and increase employee's commitment and motivate them at the same time. This in hand will increase the organisation's performance through an increase of employee's productivity.

At one time, human resource management was not related to an organisation's profit. Due to that, it did not play an important role in the organisation's strategic planning. Now, human resource management is starting to gain more attention in the development of strategy is integrated in the organization strategy.

Human resource management strategy views organization strategy on employee, profit and effectiveness as a whole. Effective human resource management activities and programmes ensure an effective organization; therefore, it helps an organization achieve competitive advantage.

Human resource management is also responsible for managing any changes that happen in an organization due to merging activities, business downsizing and various workforce cultures.

a. Planner

Plans matters related to staffing, such as planning manpower needs, recruitment and employee selection.

b. Facilitator

Prepares training opportunities and career development for employees and conducts orientation sessions for new employees.

c. Coordinator

Coordinates matters related to employee health and


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