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Riordan Human Resource System

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Riordan Human Resource system needs to have security regarding who access personal information. With the human resource systems, security will have to be monitored either by Riordan or an outside company. Ivis is a security network company that could help Riordan keeps track of the security issues with the upgrade. If Riordan uses an outside security company it can help save money that the company would need on the technical issues. The workload on employees will decrease by r3educing in the in house support. With security upgrade, the employees would work instead of using the computer for their own private use, like Facebook, MySpace, personal email, and even dating sites, and the workflow will improve. With transferring of files between Managers, recruiters, they can get lost or disorganized. In today's industry a lot of business rely on trucks to get their products from point a too point b. Huffman trucking was founded in 1936. It began as a company with one tractor-trailer and no more than two employees. Huffman Trucking, is a transport company that handles the shipping of products and deals with a highly competitive market The Huffman Trucking company employees over 925 drivers, and a staff of support personnel of 425, within a four facilities located on OH, CA, MO, and NJ. Huffman owns about 800 tractor trailers, over 2,100 45 foot trailers, and 260 "roll-on/roll-off" units. Some of Huffman's clientele include Government, electronic parts, Raw Materials mostly in plastics, automotive parts. The main goal of Huffman is "to be a profitable, growing, adaptive company in an intensively competitive logistical services business environment" ). The Management team brainstormed some ideas, and implementing that Quality Control will be the main focus on handling the competition, and to handle all complaints, and help with maintaining the goals the company needs to move forward.

To make things run more efficiently throughout


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