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Human Resources Management in the System of Organizational Knowledge Management

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Strategic resource company is the knowledge, consciously acquired, created and disseminated through a variety of methods, focused on the development of appropriate behavior of employees and supporting the development of information technology processes. Company should focus efforts, treatments and care for the acquisition and maintenance using people with unique powers to ensure an increase in efficiency innovation and existing stock of knowledge to new knowledge. Aspects of knowledge management are the publication such as social, organizational and cultural. The author focuses on the role of the knowledge management in the human resources management building the company’s competitiveness through knowledge and key skills of employees, as well as on the process transformation human resources in intellectual capital.

Knowledge management is one of the most quickly developing concepts of management because it is effect of the orientation on knowledge in management and of the era of business based on knowledge. Knowledge is basic element of people competencies and basic element of human capital. But, people are the basic of knowledge management system. It is due to the fact that they are the ones who run processes connected with identification, creation, obtaining, purifying, protecting and transferring the knowledge. People are intellectually engaged in all these activities and the level of this engagement and the correctness of thinking can be weakened or strengthened by the influence of the different factors.

Knowledge management has definitions such as a process of creating and using knowledge to improve the effectiveness of the company activities. There are two difference perspectives from three figures which are, K.Harris – knowledge management is a discipline which promotes a complex attitude to identifying, managing and sharing all the information resources of the company. Else, J.Schueppel, ‘knowledge management’ means organizing knowledge flow between two poles: generating knowledge and applying knowledge and that process happen periodically. Another one, M.Strojny proposed a definition of knowledge management from the point of view of two dimensions, operational and strategic. While analyzing the definitions of knowledge management it can be noticed that they pay attention mainly to the necessity of the following activities, i) treating knowledge resources as an important resource both for the strategic activities, for the long-term ones and for daily activities within the whole organization, identification of knowledge resources, creating an environment favorable to knowledge creation.

According to I.Nonaki and H.Takeuchi it is necessary to fulfill five conditions to make employees play a key role in the company’s development by creating organizational knowledge are intentions, autonomy instability and creative chaos, and redundancy and desirable diversity. Definition


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