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Human Resources - Riordan Manufacturing

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Human Resources System

Riordan Manufacturing currently manages its human resource responsibilities in an obsolete Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that is apart of the financial systems package. It keeps records of date of hire, pay rate, personal information and exemptions, vacation hours and seniority date. At the present time none of the four locations have secure systems set in place to deal with these duties. Pay scales throughout the company are varied which makes organizing and maintaining them complicated, at best. Updating these systems is still done in writing and entered by a payroll clerk at head quarters.

The absence of any form of centralization develops an unreasonable amount of steps to utilize and arrange the information in the system. Records for training and development are kept by using Excel spreadsheets. All spreadsheets are gathered and stored in an insecure fashion by training and development professionals, which is also the case in each recruiter maintaining their own applicant information.

All employee records are maintained by immediate managers who are obligated to track FMLA leaves and arrange any requests for compromise that happen to fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act. A separate record of job analysis, individual compensation decisions, and salary surveys is kept by the compensation manager. Information about harassment, grievances, or any other complaints are kept in the individual offices of each employee relations specialist (University of Phoenix, 2004).

With this present system of manually recording and storing information in many locations, the capacity of information sharing does not exist throughout the HR department. The issue of data security or redundancy is not addressed either. Integration of the HRIS system with the payroll system would eliminate the need to manually transfer information. This system also lacks the capacity to post job opportunities, process employee complaint, logging these complaints, and follow up procedures.

Another issue that needs to be dealt with is employee satisfaction. Based on a survey conducted


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