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Casa Del Libro Swot Analysis

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  • Only well established book shop in Spain with nine large stores in the main cities
  • Big Stock of books


  • Not a faster response when new releases where out
  • Has to compete with other stores that are not only book based selling


  • Increasing of the share market percentage


  • Growth of competition
  • Not being able to be part of the digital era with the best technology and faster response

Which platform would you recommend UNIX or Microsoft?

Why? Using what you have learn in class explain and support your decision.

Even though Casa Del Libro chose UNIX at first instance, I would recommend the usage of Microsoft, the money already invested is not necessarily thrown away, and Microsoft has a complement for UNIX installations existing and the final migration to Microsoft making the first payment really an investment.

Windows can make Casa Del Libro solid advantages for low cost applications development, easy integration, less effort for training all users, with all these its guarantee a fast return of invention.

It’s simple we can have the most elaborated e-commerce web page and the best database but we have to think in the consumers and the different targets of people we would deal with online. But also we need to see the capabilities of the employees we have.

Microsoft if we go by the details given in the report it’s cheaper than the UNIX platform, but as it’s says as well it might be a little more work effort platform. A good thing of Microsoft is the ongoing actualizations of the software that are presenting daily or monthly and the refreshing of databases are a little less complicated in terms of stocking and real time actualizations and for a online book store that is fundamental for daily activities.


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