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Jesus Reflection

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Jesus Reflection Essay

In the first three weeks, we have discussed many different topics. the three that stuck out

most to me is Jesus’ Teachings, Miracles, and Jesus’ Return. Through all of these I feel that the main topic is if you follow Jesus, and do what He had expressed when He came down to earth, then you will be saved and will have lived a successful life. These three different sections effect my life everyday through what I wear to how I act towards others and even myself. Jesus’ Teachings, Miracles, and Jesus’ return all have very important guidelines within them. They are important to all Christians because it affects most of the decisions that we make. The ways that they affect society are shown through various applications as well as individually. It is shown through the major that I have chosen, my personal experiences, and also the way that our society acts.

Jesus’ Teachings set out the guidelines for us down on earth and how we should and should not act. In Mathew 5-7, Jesus tells us not to hate, commit adultery, get divorced, seek revenge, or be ashamed of Him. He also tells us to love our enemies, give to the needy, and to be thankful for that of what we have. Then in John 11, he teaches us not to hate people for their past, but rather look at what they are doing to fix it. These guidelines that He set for us makes a very big impact on my life. These are the do’s and don’ts of life, so you know exactly when you


are violating them. These different guidelines are something that I work on everyday. The one that I struggle with the most is Do Not Judge Others (Matthew 7:1-6). I often find myself looking at the flaws of others when I could be trying to better myself. Jesus’ Teachings impacted my major, which is nursing, in the way that this is the way that I can give back to those who need me as Jesus had said that we were supposed to do in Mathew 6:1-4. As a nurse I will be helping those who are in need of me medically. His teachings affect how we act in society because He set the guidelines for how we are supposed to act. He tells of how we are supposed to love each other and I think that all Christians work on this tremendously. At GCU, everyone is so friendly,


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