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Reflective Report - Group Meetings; Preparation and Contribution

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Reflective Report

My Roles

My role within the Team was the imputer and the creative member. I had to impute decision sometimes with the help of the rest of the group, but the majority of the time alone. This therefore required a lot of reading and background research. I also had the creative role in the team; this is why I was assigned the task of designing the storyboard and justification of this. I also arranged the group meetings and I seemed to be the main point of contact between all of the other group members. My Belbin Theory (Belbin, 2004) role is a team worker and I believe that is how I came across in this project. I build relationships with everybody in my team, resulting in me feeling respected in the group.

Group Meetings; preparation and contribution

Throughout the year we have not had as many meetings as we probably should have done. This is not just down to me, as a group we found it hard to arrange meetings when everybody was free. I tried to arrange meetings by text and email; however some people never seemed to reply. The majority of the time meetings just seemed to be held between Tejal Islania. This led to both of us being given the main tasks. I do have to admit that at the start of the year I did not attend all tutorials or lectures, this is due to an ongoing health problem that sometimes affects my everyday activities. However throughout the year I believe my attitudes towards group work have changed and now I made the best effort to attend all meetings, tutorials and lectures, in order for my groups to be the best they can.

At the start I was set the survey analysis report to do. I started to do this, however it was not up to a group enough standard and Tejal helped out. I think the reason it was not up to scratch is because I was not spending enough time on it, as I was spending approximately two hours imputing the decision. Member of the group where asked to email what they believe should be the decisions, however I never received any from Kelly Sims, and only on one occasion I received them from Zahra Osman. All the work I was given to do was completed, however I do believe that I should of posted it all on blackboard, rather that leaving it until the last day.

Contribution to Final Report

I contributed a lot to the final report. I took the role of structuring and making it look more like a report. This took about 3 hours, as everyone in the group had used different styles, fonts and text size. My main contribution to the report of the storyboard and justification, I designed the campaign, wrote the script and drew the scenes. I used


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