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Reflection of Self Background

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The first few words I heard when I was born were "Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Te Do" from what I have been told and that marks the beginning of my life.

I was born and brought up in around a metro i.e., Delhi, the capital city of India. But I guess that really did not help me much in being what I am today. It is my parents, family and peers who have really influenced me.

My parents did not really belong to the parent's category completely. They are more of friends to me. Probably the coolest parents in this world! For as far back as I can remember my mother dressed me up…be it a red riding hood dress or a sailor dress, my ever coordinated attires always befitted different occasions with their own uniqueness! She made me paint with vegetables, thread and everything else on its way to the bin. Whenever she would hand paint or block print her fabrics, I was found lingering around her…we did all the hands on fun together which made me curious about the materials around. So the artistic side of me is actually her baby. Whereas, my father taught me about the world, not just subjects but all other worldly things in life. Before going for a holiday my brother and I were expected to know everything about that country. His management skills and critical analysis caught me by awe. And my brother…well…it sounds funny but though he was younger to me, he was the one to teach me many games and sports and more than that he taught me to JUST HAVE FUN! My grandfather is the man with an elephantine memory…he made me relive all the old lovely moments of our family as well as he told me and my brother amazing stories. And hence, here I am, artistic, organized, fun, talkative and most of all loving.

Being the fourth generation of professionals and having seen my parents work really hard as first generation successful entrepreneurs, a very strong work culture has been inculcated in me where the end result is of as much importance as the means to get it.

I feel my core values and my sensibilities are seeped in tradition yet I have a mind, which is very contemporary. In my designing the symbols and colors, which jump forward, are those related to Hinduism. Being in a Hindu-Jain household, vegetarianism is a way of life with which I am happy with, but cannot fault those all around the world who are non-vegetarians.

My school days, so far, were the best days of my life. I didn't realize it then but now I do. I can't believe I am saying this but I miss studying English, Hindi, Social Science, Economics, and Accounts etc. I was never a nerd but was regular with work. I always felt I could do better, but only if I did that little extra bit.

Since I was in class three, I was sure that I wanted to be a designer just like my mother. By the age of twelve, I found myself copiously designing and recycling different types of gift wrapping paper, school backpacks


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