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Reflective Writing - Global Warming

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Reflective Writing

According to the footprint that I done from the website, the footprint result included Food, Services, Goods, Mobility and Shelter section. The most impact area is the Shelter that I am using which resulted 39 out of 100 percentages. Following is the rest of the my results that I did from the footprint which are food are 19%, Services 29%, Goods 8% and mobility 5%.

Shelter from the footprint involved houses that build in the country. Nowadays, the most common environment issues is global warming which particularly generated by human. The global warming issue has become the topic for the media, political debate, scientific research and public concern but the facts is some of the people still not yet realized the real issues that causes negative impact to the environment. Global warming mostly comes from the issues of deforestation. As a Malaysian, I observed there are number of environmental issues faced by Malaysia such as deforestation and pollution.

According to Wikipedia, said that the highest deforestation rate is Malaysia's which is the country annual deforestation rate increased 86% from 1999-2005. Since year 2000, Malaysia lost an average 140,200 hectares of its forests in the other words malaysia lost 0.65% of its total forest area every single year. While in the year of 1990, the country already lost an average of 78,500 hectares or 0.35 percent of its forest annually.

Above indicates that the global warming issues still not yet get the awareness from the Malaysian because of the deforestation might causes release to many greenhouse gases which is carbon dioxide release to the ozone layer so there happened global warming. Global Warming is because there are excessive amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Malaysian keep chopping down those trees to commercialize the sub urban area but this will lead to serious negative impact to the environment. As we know during photosynthesis, tree absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen so this might be one of the solution to the global warming issues but this method failed to inspire the leaders to set aside their agenda and work together to solve this issues.

For my own opinion, every environmental area from the footprint also needed to be changes but change of the lifestyle is not an easy way to change the current situation of the environment. Firstly, mobility, food, services, goods and shelter has become the needs of the people. The changes of lifestyle might need to take a period of time to make a change.

According to, from year


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