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Into the Wind - Movie Reflection

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Into the Wind Movie Reflection

Julia Zrinyi

This Movie on Terry Fox was very different from the other ones I have seen. It not only showed the happy positive aspect of Terry's run but the struggles he went through as well. That was one of the things that stuck out to me the most. I never knew people booed at him and tried running him of the road. Also the fact that the media actually wrote in the paper that Terry didn't run across Quebec, which is just terrible who would want to ruin the whole image like that. Another thing that I learned from this video was that a little boy rode his bicycle beside Terry for a day who also was a cancer amputee. Lastly I learned that he went out of his way because of the media and press, this caused him to slow down because of all of the stops. He did not like all the attention because he wanted his run to be about raising money for cancer not about him.

Terry had faced numerous challenges during his run across Canada. One was Terry and his friend Doug living in a little van seeing each other 24/7 so when they got in an argument there was no avoiding each other. Also before Terry became well known cars on the highway wouldn't even slow down as they sped by him. Terry wrote in his journal how it was very difficult. Also since not very many people knew about him hardly any money was made while running through the Maritime Provinces and Quebec. Another difficultly that Terry had been running with an artificial leg which even the doctor was close to impossible. Therefore Terry had to be mentally strong, he was so mentally strong that he wanted to continue running but he physically couldn't especially when his artificial leg needed repair or when the cancer had spread into his lungs. Terry was just that determined to fulfill his dream of finishing his marathon of hope.


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