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Eng 122 English Compositions II - Wind Power Versus Solar Power

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Wind Power versus Solar Power

Ronna Curtis

ENG 122 English Compositions II

Matthew Norsworthy

October 11, 2010

Wind Power versus Solar Power

Energy has been a problem for some time now, whether it is due to human controversial problems, such as embargo place by other countries against selling oil to them, or by over population. In 1970's Arab Oil placed an embargo on OAPEC, which is when the U.S faced its worse shortages of oil ever. Some scholars believe that it was due to the direct result of the Iranian Revolution in the 1960's. This was Americas wake up call to the fact of how much Americans depend on oil and ever since our government have been looking for other fuel sources. Whatever the causes of the energy problem, we all know that energy continues to be a wide spread problem, not only affecting the United States but other countries as well. Scientists and Environmentalists have all been working to try to find different ways to give the ever expanding power needs to U.S. citizens and trying to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. Are the use of turbines and solar energy truly safe for the environment, and the people around them? Is there enough being done to encourage these alternate energy sources?

Wind mills have been around for centuries, the most common knowledge for the use for wind mills was to use it for grinding wheat into flower for baking, and then they were also used for grinding stones for many different uses.

One such possible solution for the ever growing energy problem is wind energy. Wind power has been a topic in America for a number of years, exactly how many is uncertain. It is defiantly something to be discussed and taken very seriously when we want to cut the number of emissions we spill out into our environment, it is a good investment.

Wind power is the subject of great controversy especially for the gas and oil industry, they have been attempting to come out with a report claiming that the use of wind energy has increased the fossil emissions in Colorado. The people at the American wind energy association, being perplexed at how anyone could attempt to make such a claim kept an eye on the data compiled by the U.S. government to see if such accusations were true. What they found instead was good news; wind energy was actually reducing the emissions and providing energy to its people. The wind energy jumped from providing 2.5 percent of Colorado's electricity in 2007 to 6.1 percent of the state's electricity in 2008, CO2


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