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Compare and Contrast Power and Politics in Organizations

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Compare and Contrast Power and Politics in organizations

When comparing politics and power in the work place it was discussed that this can be done when a person uses their political influence to have fellow employees attain a goal that is either the companies or one that is self-serving. When politics are in involved, managers may not be the ones that have the power within the organization because of the political bond of the group. When contrasting politics and power it was noted that when you have a strong leader in a management or upper management position they can use their ability to lead and motivate employees breaking through the political barriers. When managers use the political nature of a workplace they generally use their influence in a self serving way. Power and politics within an organization can have an impact on the overall flow of the organization.

In the analysis of the discussion on conflict management the best approach to resolving conflict is maintaining constant communication between employees. In all of the organizations that were reviewed, communication seems to be the key approach to gaining effective resolutions. Communication between management and operational level employees, communication among teams employed at the operational level and the communication among management on all levels aide organizations in resolving conflict. Great communication can be the building blocks for improving an organization. Keeping the lines of communication among all employees open through a channel such as team meetings, can help keep the communication flowing. Accommodation and compromising between employees can make the process of resolving a conflict go more smoothly.


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