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Compare and Contrast the Theatrical Trailers - "dr. No" (1962) and "casino Royale" (2006)

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Compare and contrast the theatrical trailers

for "DR. NO" (1962) and "CASINO ROYALE" (2006) focusing on the representation of James Bond

The representation of James Bond has changed dramatically since 1962 with each film since then that was released, updated to match its new target audience. However "CASINO ROYALE" (2006) features the biggest contrast in the representation of James Bond from the 1st James Bond in "DR. NO" (1962). This increased change of representation is due course to the modern society; where "DR. NO" James Bond focuses on being the upper-class gentlemen because of the audience in 1962, and "CASINO ROYALE" is focused on the action as the target audience (which is the modern society) are attracted to it. Therefore the text in "CASINO ROYALE" is adapted to meet the 2006 audiences demand.

The development of the society is shown through the change in mise-en-scene in the 2 trailers. The change in settings and props in the 2 trailers and costumes/make-up/hair for James Bond, indicate visually how the representation of James Bond has changed since 1962 and is adapted to the 2006 audience.

Civilian's lifestyle was also completely different as the personality, beliefs and attitude of an individual was not how it was in 2006. Consequently the directors have then adapted the James Bond character in both films similar to how the target audience behaved. The 1962 James Bond acted like the upper class gentlemen so that the target audience can relate to the protagonist. The 2006 James Bond was expressed as the ‘action man' who has no limits. The use of technology is one of the greatest changes that the civilisation has adapted to. In 2006, computers, mobiles, Internet, television were all part of the daily lives and jobs are created around them. Whereas in 1962, technology had just began, such as the washing machine.

Another element that Danvaq had changed within the 2 trailers is the way of advertising. Both trailers use popular actors that the audience love, to represent James Bond. (Although the choice of actor has changed dramatically since 1962.) Additionally both trailers include the different themes of their film, in which when the story is analysed using Todorov's theory; "CASINO ROYALE" leaves enigma codes to persuade the target demographic to watch the film. Therefore both films address the audience differently.

For example in the "DR. NO" trailer, it shows the audience that there is a happy ending


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