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Compare and Contrast: A Supertramp & A Hard Place

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UNIT 2 ESSAY: Live Like An Eco-Hero

Write a 5.5 page essay (3.5 pages of double-spaced text with 1" margins, including 1 Cover Page and 1 Works Cited page, like last time) in which you do one of the following:



A minimum of 4 paragraphs (see below); open thesis.

For sources, you will use 127 Hours and/or the clips in the Aron Ralston folder in Blackboard ("Being Aron Ralston") and/or the Sean Penn film of Into The Wild and the Chris McCandless website documents, his diaries, and even blog comments. Thoreau must be used in this essay as well.

Your source count and mix will be up to you as long as you have least 5 moments of citation or source description (because films on DVD are not cited, just signaled correctly in your body paragraphs. Go for a minimum of 5 sources listed correctly on a Works Cited page, and use this as an opportunity to be reading Walden as listed on the schedule for Module 2. Remember that you will be having only Walden on your next quiz (essay question), which will be on March 18th, the day this Essay 2 is also due.

A SUPERTRAMP & A HARD PLACE (outline prompt)

I. Introduction

Begin with a sentence that will catch the reader's interest. This might be a question, a reason people find the topic interesting or important, or something these two men have in common. Then name the two subjects and say they are very similar, very different or have many important (or interesting) similarities and differences.

II. Paragraph 2

The next paragraph(s) describe features of the first subject. Be sure to include examples proving the similarities and/or differences exist. Do not mention the second subject. You can make new paragraphs to avoid very long paragraphs.

III. Paragraph 3

The next section must begin with a transition showing you are comparing the second subject to the first. For each comparison, use compare/contrast cue words such as like, similar to, also, unlike, on the other hand. Be sure to include examples proving the similarities and/or differences exist. Make new paragraphs to avoid very long paragraphs.

IV. Conclusion

In the final paragraph, give a brief, general summary of the most important similarities and differences. End with a personal statement of connection or risk-taking that reminds you of McCandless or Ralston, or another snappy clincher. You must say whom you prefer overall, which one is more courageous to you, which one is more foolish, and which we should learn from the most.




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