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Compare and Contrast Between Dr. Spock and Glenn Doman's Views About Child Care

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What is the perfect way of rearing a baby to become the so called ‘perfect person' has always been a wonder and sought after query of every parent. Day by day the pressure of making a child proper and prepared for a better future is increasing on parents with obsessive competitiveness prevalent in the society. However, perceptions regarding what maybe called a proper grooming session vary from person to person and has caused for a lot of research and writings about it. Dr Spock and Glen Domen are two such people with very different views of how should children be cared in their initial stages of growth.

Dr Spock in his book "Baby and Child Care" has been propagating for generations that children are born to be friendly and reasonable as human beings. They are instinctively sociable. Whether a child turns out to be a genius or not in the future has more to do with his genetic history rather than any well designed procedural method to turn him into one. Dr Spock's ideas imply that parents should let their children's growing up process be as much spontaneous and enjoyable as possible. Children should be trusted to be in the right track as long as they are getting the warm and loving environment with quality time from parents. Making a child a good human being with proper morals and values should be the parents' goals and dreams for their child rather than trying to push him into a world of competition and connoisseurship. Putting a child under extreme competitive pressure and make his learning process one with constant stress and intimidation can result in bad consequences. He attributes such measures to be instigating depression and even suicidal attempts among growing children especially adolescents and teens. For years, Dr Spock's ideologies have been proved to be quite right until parents' ambitions got bigger for their infants. They turned to Domen for answers.

In contrary with what Dr Spock promotes, Glenn Doman has come up with a completely different theory about how to care for a baby, after a supposed 40 years of research. Domen apparently has brought up what parents in the contemporary world wants to hear and are looking forward to quite desperately. Parents no longer want what is normal but rather what is better.


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