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Compare Contrast Essay

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20 June 2007 Essay 3: compare and contrast essay

During the 1960's desire for freedom of speech was not deemed as acceptable on college campuses or in our society. Colleges are set up in such a way to that in order to be successful you must be equivalent to what society deems as acceptable. Some people felt that the way society was operating was appropriate and people who were not in the bureaucratic position should not have a say in society's decision making, whether it be on a college campus or in the American society.

During the 1960's there was a certain criteria that universities had in preparing a student for the real world. Mario Savio feels that students are not learning to compromise appropriately. Savio states, "They must suppress the most creative impulses that they have; this is a prior condition for being part of the system. The university is well structured, well tooled to turn out people with all the sharp edges worn off, the well-rounded person" (92). Savio feels that because of the lack of freedom of speech on campus students are simply conforming to society's desires for complete normalcy, no going against the grain.

Regan finds that students who voice out their opinions to be arrogant and threatening to American society. He feels that only those who do not question the standard procedure of things will be accepted. Regan closes his speech asking two questions regarding whom he thinks college students would elect as their future leader. Regan states, "Will it be from the few, but militant, anarchist and others now trying to control and run our campuses? Or will we elect our future leaders from the majority of fine young men and women dedicated to justice, order and he full development of the true individual?" Regan implies that students that practice freedom of speech now are ineffective leaders in the future. Mario and Regan are both aware of what society desires, in that anyone who does anything out of the ordinary (such as not being a "well rounded" or "true individual") will not be accepted in the eyes of the majority of American society. The difference is Regan feels society was appropriate and not needing


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