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Power and the Implementation in Politics

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Power by the definition is control, strength, willingness, ability, energy having by people either individually or in group. It usually aims to influence people to do or behave as the power holder wants. It is apparently implemented as well as people deal with each other in life, involving politics life. The ways of power usage in daily can be instanced by the ways of persuading people forcefully with threats, persuading with money or promises, or just attract them to want what actually we want to. For example, someone who wants to be a major in a city does campaign to ask people to elect him/her in the later election. He/she usually gives people money to pursue them so that they will choose him/her. In another probability, he/she threaten people if they don't choose him/her in the election, he/she will destroy their life, or in another way he/she just shows their good deeds and true willingness without asking them to choose, just telling them that he/she will be the candidate to be elected. When people are being influenced by their ways to ask people elect him/her, it means that he/she has the power. Those ways can be defined as hard or soft ways. It is why power is generally divided into two distinct types; hard power and soft power. They are different but relatively are differentiated by people recently because people have different perceptions in different ways to see and value about something.

Hard power is power that uses harassment, harshness, threats to frighten and force people in order to influence them doing what the power holder asks or wants. A country with a hard powered president will have an absolute power where people in the country can not even give their voice to build their own country. In my point of view, hard power brings more harm than good in the reason of its possibility to cause very great pain, difficulty, worry, damage, etc. There is nothing good by forcing. People will not do the thing being asked sincerely. Life without sincerity is out of satisfaction. Then life without satisfaction will not bring any prosperity whereas a country stands


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