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Last update: March 16, 2015
  • Malaysia Airlines Strategic Analysis

    Malaysia Airlines Strategic Analysis

    An even more pernicious aspect of the fuel price increase is the relationship between the economy and air travel. The link between fuel prices and the health of the economy is clear. Three of the major recessions of the past thirty years can, in large measure, be attributed to the steep increases in fuel prices that accompanied the 1973 Middle East oil embargo, the 1980 Iran Crisis, and the1990-91 Gulf War. The airline industry is

    Essay Length: 586 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: March 19, 2011 Autor: andrey
  • Financial Statement Analysis

    Financial Statement Analysis

    FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS Understanding the financial statements of a firm is critical since it is often the only source of information with which we must make investment decisions; i.e., whether or not to loan the company money or invest some equity. There is a rationale behind the construction of the financial statements that helps us to interpret the information that is contained within them. Income Statements: Revenues Less: Cost of Goods Sold Manufacturing Gross Profit

    Essay Length: 2,773 Words / 12 Pages
    Submitted: March 19, 2011 Autor: andrew
  • Segmentation of the Romanian Wine Market

    Segmentation of the Romanian Wine Market

    3rd International Wine Business Research Conference, Montpellier, 6-7-8 July 2006 Refereed Paper SEGMENTATION OF THE ROMANIAN WINE MARKET: AN EXPLORATORY STUDY François FULCONIS, Dr. Maître de conférences (Assistant professor) en Sciences de gestion Université d'Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse (UAPV) PRATIC - Laboratoire de recherche en Management et Commerce International Institut Universitaire de Technologie (I.U.T.) d'Avignon 337, Chemin des Meinajariés 84911 AVIGNON Cedex 9 (France) Tél. : 00 33 (0)6 10 43 04 -

    Essay Length: 6,405 Words / 26 Pages
    Submitted: March 19, 2011 Autor: andrew
  • Marketing Vs Sales

    Marketing Vs Sales

    How come marketing and sales are interrelated? Do you believe that they are more or less the same? Or do they work independently for the same purpose? Often people confuse these two broad terms and use it quite interchangeably. Although marketing and sales both interlinked with each other, through an utterly distinctive approach; aim to increase the revenue of the company. Marketing builds the ground for sales, while sales brings business and value to the

    Essay Length: 513 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: March 20, 2011 Autor: antoni
  • Marketing Essay

    Marketing Essay

    1.1 Explain the core concept of marketing, especially customer need and satisfaction, service quality and the reasons to stay competitive in hotel industry. How does Hotel Royal-Newton apply such concept? Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others. To explain the core concepts of marketing, we look at the following terms: needs, wants, and demand; products;

    Essay Length: 3,653 Words / 15 Pages
    Submitted: March 20, 2011 Autor: jon
  • Drug Analysis - Tramadol

    Drug Analysis - Tramadol

    Tramadol • BRAND NAME: Ultram, Ultram ER, Tramal • DRUG CLASS AND MECHANISM: Tramadol is a synthetic analgesic. Its exact mechanism of action is unknown but similar to morphine. Like morphine, tramadol binds to receptors in the brain (opioid receptors) that are important for transmitting the sensation of pain from throughout the body to. • INDICATIONS: indicated for the management of moderate to severe pain in adults. • CONTRAINDICATIONS: hypersensitivity, severe alcoholism, use of opioids

    Essay Length: 1,197 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: March 20, 2011 Autor: antoni
  • Cola Wars Case Study Analysis - Coco-Cola and Pepsi

    Cola Wars Case Study Analysis - Coco-Cola and Pepsi

    Cola Wars Cola Wars Case Study Analysis Introduction: There are two well known beverage companies, Coco-Cola and Pepsi. They have competed considerably and distributed the beverage market profit for several decades. In the open market, it is difficult to exactly tell which one is the winner within the perfect competition, since both companies use different style of promotion and product to expend their markets. ( The competitive environment of the carbonated soft drinks started about

    Essay Length: 4,478 Words / 18 Pages
    Submitted: March 20, 2011 Autor: andrew
  • Marketing Dell Computers

    Marketing Dell Computers

    WEEK ONE – MARKETING DELL COMPUTERS 1. What should your company do to help them determine what their customers want? What changes are occurring in the market place/ society/culture/ industry? Company research- on staff, technology, needs and wants of customers. Society is more reliant on computers and technology so DELL would have to keep their products up to date with what customers demand Businesses and education is much more reliant on technology 2. Is the

    Essay Length: 329 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: March 20, 2011 Autor: simba
  • Analysis of Java and Javascript

    Analysis of Java and Javascript

    Analysis of Java and JavaScript There exist not too many similarities between the Java and Java Script, despite what the names might suggest. They are both an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language and this is the main and only real similarity between the two. Mainly people who don't truly know how to write in both the languages often consider JavaScript a distant relative of Java. Many of their programming structures are similar, but JavaScript contain

    Essay Length: 3,609 Words / 15 Pages
    Submitted: March 20, 2011 Autor: antoni
  • Service Marketing

    Service Marketing

    The Marketing department would be responsible for: Marketing Research This means when an organisation collects data by doing a questionnaire, and also they do presentations to tell everyone what new ideas they have come up with to make money. Customer care and services This means that the marketing department deals with any customer complaints and problems that they have. Sales promotion and advertising This means that they are responsible for making sure that all the

    Essay Length: 312 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: March 20, 2011 Autor: jon
  • "city of God" Film Analysis

    "city of God" Film Analysis

    "In the City of God, if you run away, they get you. If you stay, they get you too" (Cidade de Deus, 2002) A thrilling experience of violence and notoriety, coupled with excellent craftsmanship, City of God showcases the brutal and harsh realities of the lives of its people through the eyes of the main character, Rocket, a poor, black youth, as we journey through his very personal narration. Ironically, the way of life in

    Essay Length: 1,344 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: March 20, 2011 Autor: rita
  • Lg's Marketing Plan (vietnamese)

    Lg's Marketing Plan (vietnamese)

    GIỚI THIỆU CHUNG LG Tập Đoàn - LG Electronics là một trong những thương hiệu nổi tiếng nhất tại Hàn Quốc và trên thế giới. Được thành lập năm 1958, LG Electronics là công ty điện tử đầu tiên của Hàn Quốc, qua nhiều giai đoạn phát triển không ngừng cùng những bước đột phá lớn, LG Electronics trở thành một công ty có quy mô toàn cầu với 77 chi nhánh và hơn 72.000

    Essay Length: 400 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: March 21, 2011 Autor: viki
  • Environmental Analysis of Dell Organization

    Environmental Analysis of Dell Organization

    As NES improves the lighting in a given location, it is often done in concert with other facility improvements. Many of our customers now request that NES crews include Patching and Painting services in their Remodel and Rollout programs. When the project complexity grows to a full Rebranding effort, NES can support all related improvements, including lighting re-design, carpentry, re-fixturing, merchandising and more. Electrical and Control Upgrades NES can perform electrical upgrades to meet the

    Essay Length: 263 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: March 28, 2011 Autor: andrey
  • Dracula Analysis - Gothic Horror

    Dracula Analysis - Gothic Horror

    Gothic Horror is a type of literature that combines both horror and romance to create it's own genre. It dominated the last third of the 18th century and the first two decades of the 19th. Though women tended to write Gothic Horror better than men it is believed it originated in England when Horace Walpole wrote 'The Castle of Otranto' in 1764. Gothic Horror is an extension of Romantic literary novels that were new at

    Essay Length: 2,361 Words / 10 Pages
    Submitted: March 28, 2011 Autor: Antonio
  • Financial Markets

    Financial Markets

    New Billion Tonne plus Brockman discovery close to Cloudbreak Fortescue Metals Group ("ASX: FMG" "Fortescue") is pleased to announce that it has made a new discovery of over 1 billion tonnes (Bt) of high grade Brockman iron formation. This maiden estimate is expected to grow as further drill results come in. Named the Nyidinghu* project, it is 35 kilometres south of Fortescue's Cloudbreak operation on the edge of the Hamersley Ranges and is open to

    Essay Length: 360 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: March 28, 2011 Autor: moto
  • Bose Swot Analysis

    Bose Swot Analysis

    JIT was initially designed by Bose to allow the purchaser and the vender to work together to eliminate the need for inventory and multiple suppliers. The two worked as partners instead of adversaries. The company became more efficient in reducing administration costs and by reducing the amount of intermediaries. To increase saving in the purchasing department Bose implemented JIT II. JIT II consist of suppliers adding a full time representative on site at the Bose

    Essay Length: 659 Words / 3 Pages
    Submitted: March 28, 2011 Autor: viki
  • Airasia Marketing Channels

    Airasia Marketing Channels

    Tune Air Sdn. Bhd. (Private Limited) officially acquired AirAsia from HICOM Holdings (99.25%) and Mofaz Air Sdn. Bhd. (0.%) in December 2001 under the wings of charismatic leader, Dato' Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes, a finance graduate from the London School of Economics, former financial controller for Virgin Communications and former vice president of South East Asia for Warner Music group (Poon & Waring, 2010). His initial vision is to making air travel affordable with everyone

    Essay Length: 312 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: March 28, 2011 Autor: moto
  • Ikea Market Entry Strategy for Pakistan

    Ikea Market Entry Strategy for Pakistan

    IKEA's market entry strategy for Pakistan should be the same format they use in relatively small and high risk markets, i.e. franchising. The only difference is that while franchising in Pakistan they have to keep in the mind that usually IKEA sells its product through the fact that customers take the product home and then assemble it themselves meaning the consumers add to the value of the product but in countries such as Pakistan a

    Essay Length: 294 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: March 28, 2011 Autor: viki
  • Coffee Pot Case Analysis

    Coffee Pot Case Analysis

    Background of Case 1: Coffee Pot Coffee Pot is a company whose business is selling coffee drinks to consumers. Balkis, the daughter of Coffee Pot late president, takes over his job as the new president of the company after the death of her father. The company has been making losses in recent years. Since the company cannot compete with Starbucks, based on the quick strategic analysis, the company needs to come up with new strategy

    Essay Length: 1,950 Words / 8 Pages
    Submitted: March 28, 2011 Autor: peter
  • Ratio Analysis of Bp Plc

    Ratio Analysis of Bp Plc

    BP p.l.c is one among the world's largest energy companies. The company is considered as a super power in its sector and is third amongst the list of energy companies in terms of production, supplies, turnover and various other factors. Company produces and supplies oil and gas almost all over the globe. The company became powerful and highly productive after a various number of takeovers, merges and controversies ever since the company was formed as

    Essay Length: 2,191 Words / 9 Pages
    Submitted: March 28, 2011 Autor: moto
  • Micro-Environment - the Market Size of Perodua

    Micro-Environment - the Market Size of Perodua

    Micro-environment Microenvironment consist of the actors close to the company that affects its ability to service its customers, the company, suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customer markets, competitors, and publics. Perodua has become a highly potential company due to its profitable microenvironment with low competing market, and increasingly wide demand in Malaysia as well as worldwide market. Markets The market size of Perodua is increasing throughout the year in Malaysia market since the company was established in

    Essay Length: 4,675 Words / 19 Pages
    Submitted: March 28, 2011 Autor: jon
  • Marketing: Britvic Case Study

    Marketing: Britvic Case Study

    QUESTION 1 Choose one of the Britvic's brands. What are the core, actual, and augmented product benefits of the brand? From the passage, we can see that the Britvic Soft Drink has developed truly global operations. Britvic offers different brands on 200,000 locations in 50 countries (page 278, para 3, line 4) ranging from carbonated to non-carbonated soft drinks. These include Pepsi, 7Up, Tango, Robinsons, Purdeys, Fruit Shoot, J20, Gatorade, Ame, R Whites, drench, Idris,

    Essay Length: 796 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: March 29, 2011 Autor: antoni
  • Invesmtent Analysis Report for Pfizer 2008

    Invesmtent Analysis Report for Pfizer 2008

    Introduction In this report I will give an extensive overview of Pfizer which will begin with their business background and strategy. I will move on from there and discuss their financial statement analysis, accounting analysis, and also the financial structure of the company, as well as any other information that would be important for investors. Lastly, I will present an investment recommendation to potential investors. Analysis of Company and its Background Founded in 1849, Pfizer

    Essay Length: 2,956 Words / 12 Pages
    Submitted: March 29, 2011 Autor: simba
  • Merck Company Analysis

    Merck Company Analysis

    To be able to generate substantial returns, it is necessary for Merck to be on the leading edge of drug developing technology. New drugs are primarily developed through internal research and also through initiatives with biotechnology companies. Davanrik is a drug originally developed by LAB Pharmaceuticals, intended to treat both depression and obesity, but the company suffered large losses after a few drugs completed the expensive and lengthy three phase testing process and were rejected

    Essay Length: 1,458 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: March 29, 2011 Autor: simba
  • The Analysis of Composts

    The Analysis of Composts

    The Analysis of Composts The term compost has been defined by Zucconi and Bertoldi (1987) as ‘the stabilized and sanitized product of composting which is beneficial to plant growth. It has undergone an initial, rapid stage of decomposition and is in the process of humification.' The initial thermophilic stage of decomposition is the means of self-sanitizing and removing pathogens. If the compost is insufficiently humified, it is immature, and the wide C:N ratio causes it

    Essay Length: 2,364 Words / 10 Pages
    Submitted: March 29, 2011 Autor: andrey

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