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Micro-Environment - the Market Size of Perodua

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Microenvironment consist of the actors close to the company that affects its ability to service its customers, the company, suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customer markets, competitors, and publics. Perodua has become a highly potential company due to its profitable microenvironment with low competing market, and increasingly wide demand in Malaysia as well as worldwide market.


The market size of Perodua is increasing throughout the year in Malaysia market since the company was established in year 1993. This is because of the good quality of the products and the low-price strategy has brought in a major source of generation-Y consumers to purchase its products. In addition, the market growth of Perodua is expected increase as population of Malaysia increases and the fuel price is still increasing. Currently, the company's has a very wide geographical distribution which it has many sales office throughout the whole Malaysia and it had also expand the market into the international market by having its sales office overseas. Therefore, because of the factors above, the company is very profitable. The major market segments for the Perodua are generation-Y who born between year1977 to year2000 who are now mostly youngster who are working and studying with outgoing personalities. Generation-X is those person that born in year1965 to year1976 who are now mostly have their own family and they more likely to look for the quality of life. And last but not least, baby boomer is the person who born between year1946 to year1975 and mostly are retired and now seeking for the leisure and comfortable life.


Perodua has variety range of customers from 3 different sources which consist of customer market, government market, and international market. Customer market is the major source of Perodua consumers including middle-class, working class. Middle-class family in Malaysia prefers low cost and fuel economy cars they could travel more with less fuel consumption. In addition, parents are willing to buy economy cars for children studying in universities and colleges due to convenience and safety purpose. Working class consumers are generally prefers Perodua because it is the most economy brand that could cut down their living expenses. Perodua also export their products to international market over 13 countries worldwide such as Indonesia, UK, Sri Lanka there have the demand for economic car as a result of increasing fuel price. Besides that, Malaysian government is also a minor source of consumer that purchases Kancil for police department and TNB for patrol and maintenance purpose. Perodua has covered more than 50% of Malaysian market. They have become successful brand as the largest compact-car maker in South-East Asia because they provide good service and high quality car with


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