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Use of Information Technologies

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Nowadays, information technology can be found easily in everyday life. It comes in the form of telephone devices, computers and even the internet. The way we live is totally changed since the technology becomes the basic needs of people in the present. It has already become difficult to live without using information technology, because it affects our lifestyles in many ways.

First, technology is an easy tool for communicate with people that live in different areas or even in different countries. It helps us to keep in touch with each other because we can talk to someone overseas through the phone. It is important, especially for doing business. Since the technology goes faster than before, meeting in person is not that important anymore. We can talk through the program using technology. No need to go out to waste your time on traffic and also can cut the business expenses.

Second, the information technology can be applied to the education. Technology is prepared for students or people who want the information. We all can get the information through the internet. Everything on the internet is worldwide, so that we can do self study. It’s convenient not only because we don’t have to go outside, but also can control and manage our own learning. Using technology will let you discover and learn other things in the world, which becomes important thing for us to expand perspective and horizon. It’s very useful in daily life because it helps us keep updated current events.

Third, technology is used for entertainment. We reserve and buy things we want through computer or phone. Since technology is improved, we want things to entertain us more than before and help us relax after work. Therefore, music players, 3Dmovies, online television and computer games are developed. Everyone can enjoy their time in the house.

In conclusion, Effects of using information technology totally change the way of living. Since the technology is developed,


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