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Information Technology

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        In today’s modern world, we can find almost every business whether big or small functioning with the help of information technology system. Those businesses that lack in taking advantages of IT system lack in gaining competitive advantages as well. So, according to the organizational level, IT should assist in specifying the objectives and strategies of the organization (Moharana, Murty, & Senapati). So, the effective use of IT system has become the most important need for gaining competitive advantages in today’s business world.

        As people are really busy, they expect for the services that will save their both time and effort. So, online market system has help a lot in fulfilling this need of the customers. They can get all the information about required products or services trough websites and can place order through online without requirement of visiting the actual market. Also, customers can conduct their financial transactions through online like deposit, withdrawal, payment, remittance using mobile, computer, cards, and other electronic devices. Similarly, the messages and information can be communicated using email, sms, etc.

        In this way, IT has made possible on connect a business of one country to the entire world helping to increase sales and profits. We can get information about schools, colleges, banks, hospitals and other businesses running in different countries through internet and can get required services. Also, business firms can get connected with their customers living in different parts of the world and can provide products and services as per their needs and desires. Information Technology and the Internet provide as an important tool for information in organizations and public institutions (Shaqiri, 2015). In this way, IT system has made business world very effective and fast forward.


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