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Effectiveness of Maxis Advertisement Versus Digi Advertisement

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The Title

Effectiveness Of Maxis Advertisement Versus Digi Advertisement

The main purpose of the study is to compare the effectiveness of the advertisement between the ,product of DIGI and MAXIS. This study will be conducted in Klang Valley and it will target at   the student and adult for those who are using the services. We have to analyze which service is   able to convey an audience and maintained positive service to the public. 






1.1        Introduction

Advertising Association of the UK defined the advertisements are the message paid by sender send to receiver in order to persuade, influence or inform the receiver, is also define as communication with the users of a services or product. (The economic Times, 2014)

The most basic method of advertising is word of mouth, and has been around when the people began to give good and service, and is still the most powerful form of advertising. (mediaknowall, 2000)

In the seventeenth century, the advertising has starting together with the newspaper. The earlier version of the supermarket notice board was created by Frenchman Théophraste Renaudot at the office to put notice so that the more of people had access to the information service and good advertisement. (mediaknowall, 2000)

This research was to compare the effectiveness of the advertisement for Maxis and Digi based on the information and attractiveness of their advertisement in the brochure, this also to understand the preference of the customer on their advertisement.

Maxis is a leading telecommunications service provider in Malaysia, it allows individuals and corporate clients connect and communicate anytime, anywhere, from any device.  Maxis has provided an extensive range of data services such as social networking,  mobile Internet browsing, downloading of applications (‘apps’) and a portfolio of integrated mobile, fixed and enterprise solutions. It is an additional service on top of their basis services such as sms, voice call and picture messaging. There are 13 million of Maxis  customers choose to be with Maxis as they stand for the excellent service, widest coverage and innovative solutions. They also provide the 4G network in major network across the country in year 2013. (Maxis, 2014)

Digi is listed on Bursa Malaysia and is part of Telenor group, it is a worldwide  telecommunications provider. The services provided by DiGi are mobile voice, Internet and digital services, they have 11 million customers in Malaysia. Their Mission is ‘Internet for all’,  it have committed to driving Malaysia’s growth by building a mobile Internet environment that enables true connectivity, creating socio-economic development and aiding businesses to prosper . (Digi, 2014)


1.2        Problem Statement

Advertisement is a form of marketing communication used to encourage, persuade or manipulate to potential consumer. Due to certain circumstances, some of the advertisements is ineffectiveness.

Maxis and Digi are telecommunication companies that have been release variety of products in order to attract their customer, but not all the products are having well acceptance. The reason why the advertisement is ineffective because of the information provided in the brochure is limited due to the insufficient space of the brochure and this will affect the telecommunication company unable to provide enough information. Boringness will be another reason that could limit the info to be provide by a small piece of paper. Besides that, customers only can get the brochures from specific location for example like centers, outlets and roadshows, may be another factor which will limit the telcos to pass their info to customers.

Due to the advance of the technology, people are moving forward to mobility and portability; we often see that people are using smart phone and tablet instead of reading newspaper and magazine. Newspaper is more traditional if compare to the media nowadays. Readership of newspaper is reducing and will made this advertising method become less significant when comparing to others.

The internet has a very clear weakness. When the website is under downtime or maintenance, it will decrease the chances of consumers to view their advertisements. Besides that, there are quite a number of consumers who are not familiar with the technology device. Technologies which are too advanced will make them too difficult to receive the information advertised from Maxis and Digi.

1.3        Research Objectives Of The Study

The main objective of this study is to determine the comparison between Digi and Maxis advertisement.

Specifically, this study is to clarify for the following objectives:

1.  Identify which telecommunication companies provided more informative advertisement.

2.  Identify which telecommunication companies have created more attractive advertisement.

1.4        Significance Of The Study

Advertising has become an integral part of all businesses whereby they must use advertising to let consumers get more information and a better understanding of their products. They also took the opportunity to increase the visibility of their products in order to stimulate consumer's desirability to buy in order to maximize their margin and profit.

This research can help to determine the marketing tactics of both Maxis and Digi. Beside this, the research may show how Maxis and Digi to apply the power of advertisement to influence people to choose them as their telecommunication service provider. For example, Maxis has advertised its exclusive plans to influence others telecommunication customers to enroll with them.

This research also can help Maxis and Digi to formulate some better marketing strategies, in order to generate and gain higher profit and margin. Such as Digi may develop more attractive plans to compete with Maxis based on the business research results.

 Through this research, Maxis and Digi can also determine the strategies to expand their market share in a more effective way. Advertisement may not only to convey the information to consumers to know about the existence of the product but also to establish reputation.



2.1        A New Advertising Effectiveness Model For Corporate Advertising Web Sites

Fotini Patsioura, Maro Vlachopoulou and Vicky Manthou, (2009) conducted the studies to assess

the overall performance of corporate advertising web sites towards their establishment of  multiple advertising, promotional and relationship marketing objectives. (Patsioura, Vlachopoulou & Manthou, 2009)  

In order to determine their contribution in creating or influence of the effect at the advertising, the examined of the Communication, feedback and customer support policies need to carry out. (Patsioura, Vlachopoulou & Manthou, 2009)  

The survey was conducted at computer laboratory in one of the university, this survey are participated by 160 undergraduate and graduate students from the applied Informatics department of University of Macedonia. (Patsioura, Vlachopoulou & Manthou, 2009)  

There are 80 participants required to review site A, the 80 participants was separate to group of 4, they are require to browse at the site A for 5 minutes. Anothers 80 participants required to review site B, the 80 participants was separate to group of 4, they are require to browse at the site B for 5 minutes. After the participant browses the site, they are required to answer 37 questions at the indicated time and way. (Patsioura, Vlachopoulou & Manthou, 2009)  

The results of the survey show there is a positive correlation among intermediate effects. The participants which reacted positively to the site will share their experience with their friend and will return to site in future.  There are most of the participants which formed a negative “attitude toward the site” they don’t will share their experience with their friend and will not return to the site again. There is a positive correlation between “brand attitude” and “attitude toward the site” .  The participants stated they experience positive impact toward the company and its products which they are with positive “attitude toward the site”. The participants which view web site A does not have strong relationship between “brand purchase intention”  and “attitude toward the site” . (Patsioura, Vlachopoulou & Manthou, 2009)  

This study have contribute an insight on the effects of relationship marketing factors on the overall performance of this corporate advertising format and supports its dynamics as an integrated marketing tool. (Patsioura, Vlachopoulou & Manthou, 2009)  

2.2         Infomercials And Advertising Effectiveness : An Empirical Study

Martin, Bhimy and Agee (2002) studied about infomercial and advertising effectiveness. The research discovers the effect of infomercial advertisement design elements. From the assistance of the New Zealand division of an international infomercial marketer, they have been conducted the method and result survey of consumers who have purchased products in response to viewing an infomercial are then presented.

They grouped data from the customers who had bought one of six different products across a 2 week time frame at the New Zealand. The studied consists of question covering the perceptions of the effectiveness of advertising; decide the types of purchase and information about the features of the user. In order to complete the study, covering letter, a prize draw incentive, questionnaire and postage with reply envelope will be given to respondents. The survey was sent about 2 weeks together with the prize draw in order to improve the response.

At the end the result was suggested that the key of the successful on infomercial which is ability to create persuasive arguments based on products demonstrations, testimonials from satisfied consumers organize positive enhance perceptions of advertising effectiveness.

 2.3        The impact and effectiveness of advertisement in sports arena.

Turley and Shannon (2000) conduct the study of effect and effectiveness of advertisement in sports arena on message recall, purchase purpose and real purchase behaviour.

To determine the effect of advertisement are having at least some impact on sports fans. A field study was conducted to shed additional light on the effect that in arena advertisement have on the people who attend the sport event.

The research has using sports fans attending actual games and events for collecting primary research in sports marketing. Data were collected at the end of four regular season home games of the NCAA mid-major university located in the Midwestern area of the USA. The four games take place during ten days immediately before conference tournaments. (Turley & Shannon, 2000).

The institution of men and women’s team are using the same facilities and the same advertisement seen by fans of both teams. Both teams enjoyed a successful seasons which resulted in both selected for their respective NCAA tournament. A group of researchers collected data from the audience in the arena lobbies which are out of sight of the playing area and all advertising messages. They approached members of the civic to complete a short sports marketing survey at the entrance and exit of the arena. The researchers must ensure that the respondents previously had not completed a survey related with this study. The information gathered before the actual game for men’s and women’s as well as the games that been played for the other two so that the difference between the numbers of advertisement which were remembered from long-term memory. A series of question will be given to respondent and the respondent have to provide personal particular in order to complete the survey.

Result of studies have shown that total as many as 348 have inquired about practical questionnaires were completed using the demographic statistics for this sample indicate that 60.9% were married and most earned over $35,000 in revenue per year. Nearly 90% live in household of four or rarer people. Most indebted their own home and 79.5 percent have at least attended college. The two most mutual occupations were professional and technical and the rest are students. The data were analysed by using several procedures including simple frequency analysis, chic-square and analysis of variance to shown the discussion of recall, behavioural variables, purchase intention and actual purchasing behaviour. (Turley & Shannon, 2000)  

Finally, this review information has contributed that the advertisement should reflect long term commitments in order for the advertisement to be able to achieve the maximum level of recall, purchase intention and actual behaviour and effectiveness.


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