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The Effect of Advertising on the Facebook

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The effect of advertising on the Facebook

Management and Science University

Marketing Management

Lecturer: Prof.Dr.Ahasanul Haque

Group number: 02

Mahyar Hosseini Movahed

Hamid Jalalifakhr


This group project details a study of Facebook users and their understanding of advertising on the site.

Characteristics such as privacy, micro targeting, Facebook use, awareness, and reactions, were all important factors that influenced these responses. The objective of this study was to see how students from four universities in Malaysia view Facebook and its advertisers. The results indicated that student reactions haven’t been in a particular direction that it means, Individual users have different perceive from different sites, and this determination directly depends on uses and satisfaction of consumer.


Normally, web site advertising works both ways. Websites can do advertising for your product or service, as well as being a way for website owners to produce additional revenue. Buying and selling advertising on websites is a large and growing sector of the advertising industry, a sector which any business can’t ignore it. On one hand you have website owners whose just purpose is to survive in a competitive marketplace and one of the easiest ways to do this is through generating revenue for their websites. It is their job to create a site which will present and offer the best user experience as well as getting people to click on ads.

If you're looking to advertise your product or service online, you'll want to find websites which interest to the people who make up your target market. Then there is the question of placement within the page. Just as in print media, where your advert appears on a web page does influence its impact. Consumer behavior online is not necessarily the same as the way people scan a page of print - we are a society rapidly becoming used to hypertext and at least on the web, we don't read the way that we used to.

If you're a webmaster interested in maximizing the earning potential of your site, then selling advertising space on your site for advertising revenue is a reasonable move. You've built an audience and you know who they are - you can use this knowledge of your demographic and trade on your popularity to make a profit by selling space to advertisers with products that will appeal to your readers. It's all a


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