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1. What are the types of the child abuse? Explain in details. (10 points)

i. Physical abuse- is characterized by the infliction of physical injury as a result of punching, beating, kicking, biting, burning, shaking or otherwise harming a child. The parent or caretaker may not have intended to hurt the child; rather, the injury may have resulted from over-discipline or physical punishment.

ii. Sexual abuse- form of sexual activity between an adult and child where the adult gains sexual gratification from the activity. It is still considered abuse even if the child also receives sexual pleasure from the activity. This may involve fondling and may or may not involve penetration.

iii. Institutional abuse- involves endangering a child's physical, social or psychological welfare. It includes action perpetrated by an institution, or a staff member at the institution, or by the social welfare system against a child or a group of children. Institutions include schools, courts, children's homes, or other child care institutions, foster homes, health, welfare, or other social service delivery systems.

iv. Emotional Abuse- (also known as: verbal abuse, mental abuse, and psychological maltreatment) Includes acts or the failures to act by parents or caretakers that have caused or could cause, serious behavioral, cognitive, emotional, or mental disorders. This can include parents/caretakers using extreme and/or bizarre forms of punishment, such as confinement in a closet or dark room or being tied to a chair for long periods of time or threatening or terrorizing a child.

v. Child Neglect- Child neglect refers to depriving a child of his basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter, hygiene, and proper care. It amounts to child abuse when it reaches a level where the chances of harm to the child may surface. There are many reasons for child neglect. It may take place if a parent or a guardian is either physically or psychologically unfit to take care of the child and provide him with his basic needs. Apathy or lack of concern is another reason for child neglect, especially in case of step-children. Poverty can also cause child neglect, as it results in the failure to fulfill the child's basic needs. A neglected child may suffer from physical as well as emotional problems. One of the most visible and apparent physical signs of neglect is the skinny or bloated appearance of a child, which is a result of undernourishment. He may also suffer from physical disorders such as asthma, hypertension, or various kinds of allergies. On the psychological front, he may suffer from issues such as depression, stress, violent behavior, and aggression, among other behavioral disorders. However, the effects will depend on the degree of neglect that the child has had to face during his childhood, and his own will.

vi. Substance Abuse- refers to exposing a child to any substance or its manufacture


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