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The Movie : Corporation

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This documentary corporation shows facts that unveil the true meaning of a corporation in the real world. Corporate social responsibility that is taught a million times to students at different academic level is insolently not met by companies showcased in this documentary. We understand that the term "corporation" is a separate business entity which runs for facilitating common people to their needs and wants. But here a corporation is said to be a legal person. If this is so, then definitely this legal person is liable to some responsibility towards society and humanity. Many companies who are the biggest sellers of today are valued the most by people but they tend to have sadly the lowest of morals. The CEO of Nike till to date has not stepped in Nike's factory located in Indonesia and he doesn't even feel guilty about it, which is a very disheartening act on his part. Another sad aspect of the products sold by these giants is that the labor used to make these is very cheap ranging from 30 cents to 40 cents and these products are usually high priced. There are so many companies that are possibly the hits of this century but in reality are a threat and danger to human life because of the activities they practice without even a small amount of shame. One such company is Mon Santos that makes dairy products. This particular company has been accused of injecting (RBGH) to cows that gets them infected but on the other hand produces more milk. This milk in return is consumed by people and not them being aware of its contagiousness sub-consciously. Companies also made use of pesticides to prevent crops from getting bad but after sometime this showed that it was doing more harm than good. It had serious chemicals that could be hazard to human beings, since it was exposing them to highly toxic chemicals. One can say that it's like a picture that is drawn specifically for people to hide all the shocking and dreadful acts committed by these corporations


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