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Rcj Binding Corporation

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III. Industry Analysis

Future Outlook and Trends

The changing market in the corporation situation would dedicate opportunities for RCJ Binding Corporation. Merging and acquisition also serve as future opportunities open to the RCJ Corp. It may be added to the service lines of the binding and publishing company. Taken for example, it may be merge to the Precious Hearts Romances publishing company, the publishing company of the Precious Hearts Romances pocket books. In this way, it becomes more known to the public and way capable of growing. In addition, same is true when RCJ Corp. would allow itself to be acquired by other publishing company like Bloomsbury Publishing PLC in London the publishing company of the books "The Harry Potter Book Series" and the publishing company of the popular book sequel "Twilight" the Little, Brown Publishing Company in New York.

Analysis of Competitors

Nowadays the bookbinding companies are not that famous business, but for those who are in this business it is very competitive. The traditional way of bookbinding changes, created by the modern technology innovation continue to fuel its steady growth, which is very important to RCJ Corp. for it increases the quality of the finished product and services; and also the customers demand great expectations together with the innovations of modern technology.

The launching of the new RCJ Binding Corporation would create impact on the direct competitors. Somehow, competition becomes prevalent in this particular industry, resulting to high-quality products and services provided by the firms which offers bookbinding services.

The Table shows the List of the Competitors of RCJ Corp.

Local Competitors International


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