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Kambas Ng Lipunan Review

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Kambas ng Lipunan Review

It made a big impact in ourselves as we watch it and we were very touched and moved; some of us were ashamed of ourselves, saddened, and conscience interrupted. It opened us more in reality on what we are trying to pursue in our life. This leaves me numerous unwavering questions. It made me think one thing. Did I do something? Then I answered myself NOTHING why? Because every time I saw this children in the streets I just ignore them. I am one of the people in this society who remained SILENT. I felt guilty about it. I just hope and prayed that this kind of sickness that we are experiencing in our society would someday change.

The only way that I can do is to pray for them.
I realized that I should change this kind of attitude who always remained silent and I should also be thankful to God for all the blessing he has given me. For a new day he has given me. I should value this day by changing my "bad attitudes" and to take a chance to change our society even in our own little ways.

It was very touching. That suddenly it came to my mind if I have the initiative to help this less fortunate? I can’t believe even though there cause is like "hopeless for me" they always thought that God is always with them. It made my perspective in life different. It taught me a lesson that life is so precious. This will really made you think for the real reality. We must not be blind and deaf because of this so called cancer of the society "POVERTY".

I also felt pity for their life experiences. If people had watched this for real and is knowing the reality, they won't bother to think that if Jesus exist, they would be saved, because He is with us. We have the capacity to help them.


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