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Finish Currently Commands Market Leader Status

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Finish currently commands market leader status in the Auto Dish Washing (ADW) Market with a commanding seventy three percent of the overall market share. Some would suggest that Finish’s market dominance is attributed to a healthy level of demand for its product across different market segmentations.

The ADW market is directly exposed to a range of environmental impact factors which directly influence buyer behaviour and regulate consumer demand within the industry.

Demand Forecast

Growth will continue to remain strong across dishwashing as manufacturers create means to add value in automatic dishwashing and concentration continues in hand dishwashing. Automatic dishwashing tablets are forecast to remain the main source of growth in the category with a predicted constant value CAGR of 4%. As consumers continue to be convinced of the value proposition offered by dishwasher additives, the category is forecast to grow at a 5% CAGR over the forecast period. Clean and hygienic dishes remain a primary concern for Australians and this will drive demand for these peripheral products. (Dishwashing in Australia 2012)

Current Target Market

The current target audience for Finish has been presented to us as being individuals who are mums aged over 32 with two or more kids. These women put the needs of their family above their own and have a desire to keep their home nice and clean (RB Presentation Wk 4). As further exhibited by the brand’s positioning, it is also designed to appeal to pragmatic consumers who understand the realisms of life and want a clinical solution to an unemotional problem (RB Presentation Wk 4). However, this is a market segment that has been heavily targeted as a result of the stereotype of the mum as being both the consumer of household goods and the main shopper that purchases them


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