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Defining Marketing

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Defining Marketing

Defining marketing:

"According to The American Marketing Association offers the following formal definition: Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders" (Kotler & Keller, 2009,. p. 5) The definition can be distinguished between a social and managerial definition, which shows the role that marketing plays in our society. An example; of this would be when one market may say his or her roles in society are to"deliver for a higher standard of living" p. 5. Personal definition of marketing my personal opinion of marketing is: Marketing is the process of selling a product or service and targeting the right product to the right audiences. Marketing is also a set of activities for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offers of value to customers in our societies and aboard.

"Marketing is also a set of institutional activities of processing, communicating, creating, exchanging, and delivering for the value to the society at large, which is its customers."Marketing is also an organizational function, which is the process of communicating, and delivering of management to maintain customer's relationships…….. In ways that will benefit the stakeholders and the organizations" (Kingston, 2008, Para. 2).


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