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Define Marketing

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Emily Ellis

APM College of Business and Communication.


The following external Marketing environment audit analyses the factors effecting NV Lifestyle Salon operating functions that are not with direct control of the business. The macro environment firstly outlines broad environmental aspects by using the P.E.S.T.C. analysis, (POLITICAL, economical, social, technological and cultural.). Then the microenvironment looks at topics concerning industry trends and many consumer focused issues. The use of a Porters Five Forces analysis enables the microenvironment analysis to maintain important focal points. The External marketing audit starts the framework for the SWOT analysis, which is completed in the internal marketing audit, outlying many opportunities and threats. Information on the Macro-Environment and the microenvironment of NV Lifestyle Salon was gathered through forms of quantitative data including questions ask from staff and clients, and qualitative data from sources such as the ABS.

Macro Environment Audit


Political factors that impact vitally on the running of the salon includes.

• Queensland State Government are offering a trades initiative for new apprentices entering the work force, this is a positive development because in hairdressing just like in may trades offering apprenticeships there is a large number of employees not completing apprenticeships or traineeships due to the minimum wage offered.

• Local Government has are about to commence “The Cavill Mall upgrade” and “rapid transit light rail” (Surfers Paradise Strategic Action Plan, 2011) this is going to be a hard time for all businesses while being constructed, tourists will not want to visit or stay and local residents will stay away. When completed hopefully it will attract more people locals and tourists alike.

• Gold Coast recently won the right to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games. This is going to generate jobs and income around the Gold Coast during the preparation time and hopefully we will see an increase in consumer spending, not to mention the tourist it will bring during the games and after.


Economical factors that impact vitally on the running of the salon include

• Carbon Tax has been approved in parliament, and although not introduced as yet consumers are still preparing for a large impact


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