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Is Mary Kay an "international Firm", a "multinational Firm", or a "transnational Firm" as Defined in This Course and Based on Its Marketing Strategy?

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Is Mary Kay an "international firm", a "multinational firm", or a "transnational firm" as defined in this course and based on its marketing strategy? Why?

According to the official website of Mary Kay “Since opening its first international venture in Australia in 1971, Mary Kay Inc. has expanded to more than 35 markets on five continents.” Mary Kay doesn’t meet the definition of international firm as they are operating in more than 35 countries and doesn’t meet the definition of transnational firm as they have their headquarter located in Taxes. Which mean Mary Kay is definitely a multinational firm, as Mary Kay is operating in more than 35 countries such as China, Finland, Germany and so on and have their headquarter located in Taxes Addison.

What global market-entry strategy did Mary Kay use when it entered India?

The Market-entry strategy that Mary Kay use include joint venture as they used local manufacture on the ground in India to produce their product in order to bring this company a better efficiency and direct investment in India as they opened up their subsidiary in India to better manage the India market operation.

 Is Mary Kay a "global brand" as defined in this course? Why or why not?

Mary Kay is absolutely a global brand as they provide their products in many different country and the brand of Mary Kay is recognized throughout the world and the broad management decision are made by their headquarter and other decision which including product development, marketing strategy are made locally. One of the famous thing about Mary Kay would be their Mary Kay career car, the car that is color in pink had made Mary Kay a brand that is well known for their good employee benefit.


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