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International Marketing - Marketing Strategies

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International Marketing Pre-Assignment

Are French wines screwed?

1. What major issues do French wines face in protecting their brands against New World producers?

There are a few major issues that the French wines face in protecting their brands against New World producers. The problem with French wine operators is that they don’t really know about the international market and they don’t invest in marketing. New World producers and French producers have a different approach to wine. The New World producers focus much more on what the customers want and use the most developed marketing techniques to make their wine attractive. On the other hand, French wine companies are convinced that France’s reputation is enough. They prefer to invest in production than in marketing. As we can see in the document, 63% of wine consumers do not care where their wine comes from.

The problem with French wines is that they are way too complicated for non-French people. France has more 750 wine operators and a very complicated classification and “appellation” system, which make it difficult for consumers from other countries to choose. Consumers want to know what they are buying without having to know all about the different wines. According to a study, 85% of them are more likely to buy wine they have been provided with clear information on it. They prefer brands they can easily recognize and French wines might have too complicated names and similar labels, which makes them difficult to memorize. New World wines are more attractive because they make sure their bottle are recognizable and provide all the necessary information for the consumers.

2. What communication methods should French producers use to protect their market share?

In order to protect their market shares, the French producers should simplify their offer. The Castel and the Vinival brand are good examples of this strategic decision.

The Castel brand decided to simplify the labeling of their wines by dividing them into three clear and distinct wine categories: the light and fruity wines, the stronger, aromatic wines and the richer and more complex wines. The Vinival brand also had a very interesting idea with its “Eat and Drink” line: associate each wine with the appropriate food. Those new labeling systems makes it much more simple for the consumers to choose their wine.

Small French wine producers should also regroup and create new brands to distribute their wine internationally and invest much more in marketing in order to simplify their offer and adapt it to the international market.

SA SA Cosmetics

1. What international marketing policies does SA SA use to


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