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International Management - Global Entry of a Local Fertilizer Firm

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Organic Planet incorporation is one of the experts in producing organic fertilizer for agriculture purposes was established in 2000 and located in Kluang, Johor Darul Takzim. We succeeded in producing a processing machine to compost food waste in order to produce the best organic fertilizer in Malaysia. Since agriculture industry in Malaysia only allowed national from specified countries to work in agriculture sector, our foreign investor are mostly from Asian countries such as Indonesia and India.

Food waste is one of the organic waste to be disposed of properly challenge without compromising the environment. It is because food wastes either from the domestic and industrial solid waste must be managed carefully in order to not be a burden to society. Hence, to maintain the quality of our fertilizer, Organic Planet inc utilize the concept of waste to Wealth (W2W), which converts waste into profitable end products. In the context of organic food waste, as practiced W2W technology is transforming the compost material as the end products for use as fertilizer or animal feed.

With employees over 500 people, Organic Planet inc's franchises can be found in some states in Malaysia where the states is rich with vegetation and plantations and become the highest Those employees have been trained with the highest level of knowledge and being exposed to the new technology of producing good quality of fertilizer.

After 12 years of operation, Organic Planet incorporation has become the leading supplier in agriculture industry. We have been trusted among local agriculture industry to produce the best quality organic fertilizer. Therefore, Organic Planet inc have decided to test the fertilizing market at the international level which is The Netherlands. The world knows that The Netherlands is one of the world's largest exporters in agriculture industry. Hence, by expending our business in The Netherlands, we hope our organic fertilizer can be in


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