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International Marketing Strategy

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction: 2

1.1 Organization-Overview: 2

1.2 Marketing Mix: 3

2. Customer Responses: 4

2.1 Cognitive Response: 5

2.2 Affected Response: 7

2.3 Behavioural Response: 9

3. Conclusion: 11


1. Introduction:

In the words of McDonald and Hawkins (2012), consumers’ behaviour is the study of group, individual and the organization and the process is select by the organization to select, secure and arrange of products and services to satisfy the consumers. On the other hand, Shoming (2007) has established it is a process to understand the decision making processes of the buyers in a group. This study is based on consumer buying behaviour. In the field it is very difficult to understand customers buying behaviour consumers buying behaviour is related to customer behaviour with the customers are playing three distinct roles of payer, buyer and user.

In marketing process a term frequently used and that is customers’ satisfaction. In the words of Timmons and Spinelli (2007), customer satisfaction means how the organization meets the customers’ requirements to produce the good quality of production and services. Customers’ satisfaction must be one of the important parts of any business, because it reflects on the strength of the marketing brand of the organization and service or products. The first reason is the organization cannot achieve the long term goal of the organization if customers are unsatisfied with their products and services. Han et al. (2007) have founded second reason is reason customers satisfaction is one of the cheapest and effective way to generate new business. If the organization gives poor attitude and poor production to the customers then they can lose the growing opportunity. So, if the organization can satisfy the customers’ they can gain customers loyalty [Available from:, 28th March 2013].

1.1 Organization-Overview:

In the opinion of Deakins and Freel (2005), in UK Primark is an Irish clothing retailer company. This is the subsidiary of British Food Company and the main headquarter is in Dublin. In the mid of 2000 the Primark expanded their business rapidly. In Primark have many stores in the world but maximum store have in the UK. Carpenter and Fairhurst (2009) have suggested one of the main brands of Primark is menswear and ladies wear that supplies


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