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Define Marketing

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Defining Marketing

Kayla Levett


October 22, 2013

Jose Medina

Defining Marketing

Marketing is a crucial part of any organization. It has been around for as long as there have been consumers. Anything can be marketed; this includes goods, services, ideas, places, companies, and people. The marketer presents a product, service, luxury, or idea to persuade the purchaser, director, or investor to choose what is offered. Marketing is essential to the success of any corporation or individual.

Marketing can be defined in different ways. According to Brenner (2012), marketing is what an individual says and it is said to convince others how awesome the product is one is trying to sell. He goes on to say it the responsibility of each person within a business to market the brand in a positive light. Marketing has become more than a simple advertisement and moved into the social media spotlight. It is now a Facebook page or tweet about a new brand, company, product, or person. The people representing this brand can impact the corporation adversely or create interest for individuals wanting to know or purchase the service.

An example of damaged marketing is Dominoes pizza. Two employees posted a video of unsafe food handling while preparing food for customers. The ignorance continues as the two people posted a video of the incident of a popular video sharing site known as YouTube. This led to an uproar from the consumers and damage to the brand. Although, Dominoes fired the employees and they were charged with distribution on prohibited food, the harm to the company was growing in strides. The reputation was questioned and the climb back up the pizza ladder was difficult. This is an example of how employees are an extension of a business and can severely hurt the corporation through social media. (Clifford, 2009)

Another definition about marketing is a functional organization and processes


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