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Market Observation and Acquisition Preparation

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Market observation and acquisition preparation

- Analysis of market, industrial sectors and competitiveness

- Extending the existing knowledge / information base through trade fair presence, evaluation of technical literature, customer interviews, etc.

- Maintain existing and develop new customer contacts

- Determination of requirements for the existing delivery program and possibilities for expanding existing potentials


- Support of the assigned key customer through continuous presence at the different customer locations

- Determine the requirements and selection of possible projects according to economic and technical aspects

- Acquisition of new projects

- Consultation of the customer (s) on-site, examination of the desired products on suitability and application possibilities, if necessary suggestion of alternative solutions

- Support of negotiations (prices, conditions, delivery, quality agreements, etc.) to the point of signing – under comprehension of the relevant departments

- Independent preparation of tenders, monitoring of offer tracking and presentation at the customer

- Conducting negotiations (prices, conditions, delivery, warranty agreements, quality agreements, etc.) to the point of signatures - including the respective departments concerned

Support of program management

- Assistance in the preparation of specification sheets and project plans, including the technical, financial and deadline targets, as well as in the control and monitoring of the timely and professional project handling.



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