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Terrorism Essay

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Working Paper 2.3

Authors – Russian Federation, Libya, Israel, Iran, India, Germany, China, Bangladesh, Syria, United Kingdom , Italy ,Thailand

1)Bearing in mind that there is no standard international definition of Terrorism,

2)Realizes the need for a standard comprehensive convention,

3)Affirms to modify and adopt the comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism which aims to,

  1. To create a universal definition of Terrorism,
  2. Ban on all groups regardless of country regardless of country of operation,
  3. Prosecution of all groups including cross border groups,
  4. Amending domestic law to make cross border terror an extraditable offence,

4) Reaffirming that in accordance with the charter of the United Nations, The International Covenant on Economic social and cultural rights that all people have the right to self-determination, freedom and independence and those people that have been forcibly denied to inconformity with the relevant principle of the UN Charter,

5) Acting under chapter 7 of the United Nations,

 a) Prevent and suppress the financing of terrorists acts

b) Criminalize the willful provision or collection, by any means, directly or indirectly of funds by their Nationals or in their territories with the intention that the funds that should be used, or in knowledge that that they are to be used, in order to carry out terrorist attack

c) Freeze without delay funds and other financial aspects or economic resources of persons who commit or attempt to commit

d) Urges member nations to ban the travel and passports of the individuals found guilty of supporting terrorism in any forms

e) Urges the member nations to become possible relevant International Convention for suppression of the financing of terrorism.

6) Urges the complete implementation of Security Council Resolutions 1269 and 1368,

7) Urges Nations to share financial Intelligence reports for the benefit of the global community to combat terrorism,

8)Re- affirms all states to ratify the United Nations arms trade treaty which endorses arms embargo on nations sponsoring terrorism


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