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My Big Fat Greek Wedding Movie Review

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(My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

This movie is about a Greek-American woman and her name is Toula who falls in love with a man (Ian) who is a high school teacher who is perfect for Toula except he is not a Greek. She has 30 years old who lives with her parents (Gus and Maria) in Chicago and works in the family’s Greek restaurant. Her parents do not like her situation that far from the Greek culture because she has not married a Greek man. While hosting guests in the restaurant, she finds Ian and make eye contact with him.  She makes decision for her life and let her mother to intervene and convince her father by her smart ideas to get to the college and study computer applications. After that, she gets a job at her Aunt Voula’s travel agency. While working for travel agency with her new look, Ian come to her office and make eye contact. Then, they decide to go out for dinner. Ian discovers that she was the woman who host guests in the restaurant. But, he wants to spent much time with her and give her the first kiss. She Keep the secret relation by telling to her family that she goes to night pottery class. Unfortunately, the news reach to her family and they are very angry. Ian comes to her house and respect and follow the father’s rules to gain her love. One night, Ian proposes to Toula and she accept him and Gus barely accept it. Then, when they go to the church in Easter festival, people notice that Ian is vegetarian. He is bad to pronounce Greek words and people laugh when he pronounces different meaning. During the plan of wedding, she is shocked when she knows her parents invite the whole family to small dinner. Ian’s family are not comfortable to the different culture. Gus notices the big different between them and he has problem to accept it. On the wedding day, Toula become magical with beautiful wedding dress. Many people attend the wedding and Ian’s family start to enjoy the Greek Party. Finally, Gus and Maria brought their daughter a house beside them. She has a daughter (Paris) and she tells her she can marry everyone even though she goes to the Greek school.


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