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Swot Analysis in Organizational Change Leadership

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SWOT analysis is a very commonly used in strategy-development projects. This tool will be employed to analyze Field Model change implementation as well. As Hayes (2014) states, “SWOT analysis and force-field analysis provide useful frameworks for using diagnostic information to identify what needs to be changed” (p.154). Not only it allows organizations to understand where they stand in terms of company’s vision but also where they want to be. The end results of this tool provide a solid basis for developing an action item plan of how to address them.

SWOT analysis in this case is employed to define rationality in moving forward with the Field Model change implementation. The first step is to determine and list the strengths of the organizational change, they are as follows:

Catching up with the competitors in terms of Field Model

Consistency in programs and services provided to the customers

Less absenteeism and more committed and accountable field specialists

More qualified and certified field specialists

Possibility to introduce new technologies in auditing

Ability to track efficiency and introduce KPIs

Increased quality assurance

Ability to monitor and influence field specialists’ safety

Increased morale in terms of one company – one team

Next step is to look at weaknesses that organizational change brings, namely:

Heavy financial investments without increase in income in the foreseeable future

Increased expenses in covering audits in transitional period

Investment in newly hired field specialists by providing them all benefits’ package

Investments in new technology

Investments in new training system

Hectic transitional period resulting in temporarily decreased morale and dip in auditing quality

High turnover in field

New management team

Furthermore, the potential opportunities are called out that will be brought by the organizational change. These are external opportunities and they are listed below:

Possibility to offer consistent program packages for the customers

Possibility to


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