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Organizational Changes and Leadership from a System Perspective - Administration and Management of Human Service Program

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This paper will focus on the Organizational Changes and Leadership from a Systems Perspective for my dream agency, a shelter for women and children. I will discuss the types of leadership that my company would benefit from while describing the role, traits, competencies, and theories that would use at this shelter. I will also discuss elements and functions, managerial elements, and the conceptual framework.

My dream agency is called “Delightful Angels” Outreach” and our mission is to assist every women and child with resources, shelter, and life decisions needed. The services that Delightful Angels will provide are shelter, advocacy, food, clothing, and referrals. Delightful Angels will be groundbreaking to the city of Chicago and be will be a one-stop agency that will assist with the needs single mothers and Domestic Violence Survivors with children. My dream is that the programs of Delightful Angels grow so large that it will also be able to assist our male population and runaway youth in the future. To achieve this, Delightful Angels would need extraordinary leadership that uses the “Exemplary Leadership” style would do just that (Lewis, Packard & Lewis, 2012). Delightful Angels need a leader who values the client’s trust, have the skills, to be honest with clients, provides safety, and stay aware of the constant changing needs of the community.

Organizational leadership that provide diversity, Staff empowerment, adaptability, and flexibility is imperative to success. While I was choosing the leadership style, I noticed the fundamentals and benefits of the Exemplary Leadership style. The Exemplary Leadership style would fit Delightful Angles well because it encourages excitement and risks toward shared vision (Lewis, Packard & Lewis, 2012). The Principles of Exemplary Leadership style is the credibility concept (Kouzes & Posner, 2011). Delightful Angels is a new agency that accepts the responsibility that frequently been characterized as unrealistic. For that reason, it’s crucial for the staff to have a clear visual developed by the leaders to follow (Kouzes & Posner, 2011). An employee who doesn’t have a great leader who has established goals and values for them won’t be successful in their position (Kouzes & Posner, 2011). A strong leader inspires and promotes team collaboration and setting examples of credibility even if situations are textbook or not.

An ideal leader is someone who cares about the outcome would do great with encouraging his or her staff and providing support (Kouzes & Posner, 2011). According to Kouzes & Posner, the motivation for tasks increases only when there is both a challenging goal


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