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Mystic Monks Swot Analysis

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What are Mystic Monk’s S.W.O.T ?

When looking at Mystic Monk’s business structure there is definitely room for improvement in some areas but the difficult thing is that some areas Mystic Monk coffee cannot change because of their time of prayer and worship. Mystic Monk has a good structure of management because there are 13 monks that share a equal value in the monastery and company but they all listen to Father Prater. Father Prater has a group of thirteen monks that all preform a specific task that they carry out to support the community. Although father Prater is the head monk they all have the same say in decisions which is unique because most companies do not do that. These monks are very dedicated to this business because they work for the expansion of their monastery to the Irma Lake ranch. Although this company does not produce high numbers on the income statement they do have some sort of profit which is very good. This company averages

$6,000 a month which isn’t a lot but it will help the monastery to expand. With this monastery being very good with the community it led them to receive multiple donations by various parts of the community. Also this company is focused on the high quality coffee industry which can lead to higher profits because the coffee is a higher price than other coffee.

While looking at the operations structure of this company it is shown that this part of the company is very weak. It is weak because the monks only have a certain amount of time they are allowed to work because of the amount of time they leave for worship. They are not going to reduce the time of worship because that is their main reason for the company to expand the monastery with the profits of the coffee business. Along with only being able to work a certain amount, certain monks do different things to keep the monastery working. Each monk has a different trade or meaning for themselves which either one or a few are to work the coffee business. Having only certain amounts of monks on the monastery limits them to the amount of production they can have and the amount the business can work. Another weakness that this company needs to fix is their marketing structure. Their marketing structure is weak because frankly they do not have a marketing structure. This company explains that their target market is catholic

denomination people but they do not market their product enough. This company


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