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Chesapeake Bay Foundation Case Study

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I am writing a symptoms and problems paper. this paper is 20% of my grade. I need a stating point for the paper. If anyone can help me, I will very much appreciated. The paper is due at the end of this week. However, the rough draft of this paper is do on Thursday 17, 2011. I am getting stuck on the problem analysis part of my paper.Executive Summary

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) purpose is to restore the Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers to a level where they will be highly productive. CBF is fighting hard to achieve this goal through education, litigation, advocacy, restoration, resources, and individual and corporate contributions.


With one of the largest environmental education program in the nation, CBF educate 27,000 students and the general public through reports, magazine, social media site, traditional news outlets and the foundation's website. CBF relies on donations to support these programs, such as the No Child Left Inside Coalition and the other education programs on the James and Potomac rivers that touched 80,000 students.


The foundation won a law suit against the EPA for failing to keep its promises by clean up the Chesapeake and its tributaries by 2010. This helped prompt the Obama administration to make the Bay restoration a higher priority and issue a new federal Chesapeake restoration strategy. In addition, CBF and its allies filed a federal lawsuit against the present and past owners of the Sparrows Point Mill for polluting the Bay with toxic chemicals.


The foundation made great progress when it introduced and helped pass the federal bill which will restore the Chesapeake Bay natural form. It also helped move the General Assembly to approve a funding to reduce runoff pollution from farms. In addition, the CBF organized a "Clean the Bay Day"


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