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Wal-Mart Swot Analysis

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Wal-Mart have been the leading retail store the United States for a while now. One of their strength is their low prices which keep customers coming to the store. With the low prices Wal-mart is able to offer better bargains than their competitors. Wal-mart is able to offer low prices because they by their goods from suppliers in bulk quantity at lower prices. Wal-Mart also have a wide range of products in their stores which is good because it allows customers to buy everything they need in one store. Wal-mart product consist of clothes, groceries, tools, electronics, toys, exercise products and more. The only product that Wal-Mart doesn't carry is wood, which is why Lowe's is locate by most Wal-Marts. Been a global company will als o help with profits when they are lacking in the United States (


One of Wal-Mart weakness or their employees, which cause them to have poor customer service because the employees don't try to help the customers with finding products in the store. Another weakness that may occur with Wal-Mart are the quality of the products because they are sold at a low price, which sometimes results in poor quality. The store don't sale that many name brand clothes that a lot of people like wearing. "Wal-Mart is global, but has a presence in relatively few countries Worldwide"(


Wal-Mart have and opportunity to expand to some of the bigger markets such as Europe and China if they are able to do that and succeed the company will have large profits. The company should training their employees to help the customers shop without the customers finding them and asking for help. By doing that it will make customers services and the customer store experience better. They could also increase sales by selling more name brand clothes like Nike, Polo, and other name brand clothes and shoes. Wal-Mart may want maintain a good relationship with their suppliers (


Wal-Mart competitors will start copying their low cost strategy,


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