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Introduction to Wal-Mart

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Introduction to Wal-Mart

The largest retail company in the world is Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart manages its retail stores in different countries. According to Walton's pricing philosophy (1962), Wal-Mart offers a broad mixture of products with their everyday low prices (EDLP) strategy in its retail stores. In addition, the company offers its merchandise through many e-commerce websites such as and Wal-Mart US, Sam's Club (a membership only club) and the international segment are all managed by Wal-Mart. The company's revenues also come from Sam's Club membership fee revenues, tenant income and financial services income.

In the US, there are three different types of retail formats; discount stores, supercentres and neighborhood markets. The stores in the US provide branded and private label goods sections including grocery, entertainment, electronics, apparel, health and wellness, home furnishing, and house wear. They also provide financial services including money order sales, wire transfers, cheque cashing and bill payments. Similarly, Sam's Club provides brand name products such as hard goods, soft goods, institutional-sized grocery items and selected private-label items under the Member's Mark, Bakers & Chefs and Sam's Club brands. Some Sam's Club warehouses provide photo processing services, pharmaceuticals, optical departments and gasoline stations.

Most of Wal-Mart's subsidiaries operate in five countries; Central America, Chile and Mexico, and the company's joint venture is located in India and China. There are also other controlled subsidiaries located in China. Within the international section, discount stores are located in Canada and Puerto Rico; the supercentres are located in Argentina, Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the UK, while the Sam's Clubs are located in Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico and


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