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Wal-Mart Stores Inc Case 6 Page 59 "future"

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Wal-mart Stores Inc Case 6 Page 59


1. What strategies would you recommend to current CEO Mike Duke? To overcome their main competitor I believe that Wal-mart should offer upscale fashionable merchandise at low cost enough to run a grand opening for a new line. I would recommend that they run this promotion long enough to exert their competition and force them to resign. Wal-mart is strong enough to take a financial hit because of the strong foundations it has created already. "And sometimes you have to give in order to receive."

2. How can Wal-mart benefit from Internet retailing? Absolutely as long as they continue to focus on the low friendly prices and offer low shipping prices for their products. Online retail offers accessibility to consumers who are not able to freely move and shop as needed. And it offers you the opportunity to find things on the internet that are sometimes not available in stores. As long as the company offer the same quality of services and easy friendly check out it can be most profitable.

3. How aggressively should Wal-mart expand internationally and where? Personally I believe they should move east of the United States not sure where. A good place to start could be Japan and it would be interesting to see the overall projections and numbers for Japan. However I don't recommend that they move progressively. They can continue to move steadily in China if projections stay positive and then continue to move steadily.

4. Should Wal-mart expand the convenient store concept in China and other markets? I feel like Wal-mart should continue and test the waters in China due to the Union situation. And maintain focus on what works in China because of cultural differences. Responding to the local needs merchandise preference, and buying locally will build a strong foundation in China

5. Should


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