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Decision in Paradise Part 2 - Wal-Mart Cooperation

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Kava is a small island that is facing hardship and has many challenges that need to be met in order for the residents to grow they have asked for the assistant of Wal-Mart Cooperation to help in the this process , Wal-mart Cooperation mission statement is that mission is to help people save money so they can live better. My job is to see what I can do as a part of Wal-mart Corporation to help this country recover and continue on a path of growth and success. (2007)

Wal-mart plays a important part I Kava because their stores are made accessible to the residents and their tourist. One of the most favorable aspect for using the scientific method is that it allows you select data by doing a survey on what needs to be done , how to do it , who needs to be working where and how long it will take to get the job done. One of the barriers that we will have to cross early in this process the communication barrier, the people of Kava speak Spanish ,French and their native language , some English is spoken. Our goal for Kava is top get them back on track where they can sell their fresh fruits, petroleum, coffee, coca and natural gas. The decision-making process is one of the most important learning skills in the workforce , especially in the management department

Alex and I have researched the situation on the island and we believe that our organization is more than qualified to provide services to Kava. We have made the decision that in order for Kava to strive they will need better education and learn how to use the latest technology. Our first task at hand is to research how the island is hit with a disaster , find a place for the schools and centers we plan on building and take our suggestion and plan to the leaders of the community. What is education; knowledge in basic skills, academics, technical, discipline, citizenship or is it something else? Our society says only academic basics are important and that is based on collecting knowledge without understanding


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