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Ways to Overcome Unethical of Wal-Mart

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1. Labour Union Opposition

Due to the reason of Wal-Mart does not need a third party intervention so they prohibited employees from talking to union representatives. Whoever talks to union representatives about Wal-Mart, he or she will be sacked with the name of breach of rule. It is unethical for Wal-Mart bribe employees for encouraging dishonest behavior.

Wal-Mart supposed to let the employees enjoy the freedom of voice out their feeling and opinion about Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart should post a notice about not oppose employees talking to union representatives. Employees’ feeling and opinion could help Wal-Mart develop and maintain good relationship with employees. For example, employee complaint the wages is low. In this case, Wal-Mart should consider about the wages amount is reasonable or not. If it is not reasonable, Wal-Mart should slightly increase the wages so employees can catch up with the inflation status of economy.

As a result, Wal-Mart should seriously handle the complaints of employees and response as fast as possible in order to avoid them from unionize.

2. Unfair treatment (sex discrimination)

Next, Wal-Mart is practicing unfair treatment towards employees. Wal-Mart practice sex discriminating by denied women from training and promotion opportunities. Men are holding more management positions. Besides, women are also underpaid. As the situation continued, it might damage the image of the company and bring along a lot law charges.

Wal-Mart should not apply the conservative thinking in the organization. Nowadays, the world claim that male and female should be treated fairly. Therefore, women should be giving chance for training and promotion. Whoever with the best working ability could stand a chance for being promote.

In the same organization and working for the same stuff, working hours are same,


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