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Decisions in Paradise Part 2 - Defense Logistics Agency (dla)

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Decisions in Paradise Part 2

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has decided to expand their range of responsibility and effectiveness by establishing a new distribution center on the island of Kava. This decision

entails many variables and responsibilities for the organization. This expansion will have to include improved health programs for the indigenous people of Kava, improvements to the infrastructure, and an aggressive environmental safety program. This paper will describe the decision-making processes for these variables as well as factors affecting the expansion process.

Implementation Factors

This project presents DLA with three main factors affecting implementation: Kava infrastructure, Kava health care and DLA's government image. As an entity of the United States government, DLA is presented with the challenge of cost-effectiveness in any of its venture, but t must also uphold the high standards the government places on them as well as the image of the United States as a whole. Because of this image scenario, the first process that needs attention in Kava is establishment of a fundamentally sound health care system. One of the main detriments to the island of Kava is its youthful average age of only 15. The cause of this concern is an early mortality rate that does not allow the islanders to reach old age. With an improved health care system and education, the islanders can begin to live longer lives. HIV/AIDS is a serious issue of the island, and DLA along with the Red Cross will begin an intense education program for the prevention of HIV/AIDS. Secondly, DLA must face the issues that face the infrastructure of the island. The roadways and facilities are not solid, and will need some rebuilding and repairs. Current roadways will need to be solidified in order to allow ship bound traffic and freight to travel them safely. The facilities on the island will also need additional shoring to resist the forces of nature that include hurricanes, earthquakes, and mudslides. The final obstacle is one of perception. As an entity of the U.S. government, DLA must ensure that image is not tarnished. All practices put in place must not compromise the government, and all projects must have the people of Kava's best interests in mind. Prior to starting any project, it must be cleared through the Kava government, to ensure any sacred land is not being damaged, and all environmental safeties are being used to preserve the sanctity of the islands environment.

Actions Needed and Required Resources

Once the government of Kava has cleared any building projects, the first steps to take will include the stability of the structures. A 150,000 square foot storage facility will be the first building erected. To ensure the safety of this building, DLA will install storm proof roofs, according to,


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